Darkness and Decadence

This week at Nexus Art Cafe we are very proud to welcome to our stage Lynn Gerrard aka The Grumbling Gargoyle as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival!

The performance is a mix of Lynn’s spoken word poetry from ‘Darkness and Decadence’ as well as giving the audience an interesting and funny insight into ‘The Dark Side’ that makes her tick and introducing them to the quirky members of her family who have helped shape her dark and distinctive sense of humour.

FOR TICKETS – greatermanchesterfringe.co.uk

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Dream Play- this week at Nexus!

A Dream Play
Déjà Vu Ensemble present a site-specific adaptation of August Strindberg’s iconic play
Aggie is a dreamer, arriving from nowhere, seeking answers and finding only questions.  Is it possible for humans to escape suffering?  Why do we wait so long for things to change?  And how are we trapped inside our own stories?  Join Aggie on her journey into the multifarious worlds of theatre and schoolroom, hell and paradise.  See if you can answer the riddle of what lies behind the locked door.  And determine for yourself: is the experience real, or is it a dream?
Swedish playwright August Strindberg conceived his phantasmagorical A Dream Play at the end of the nineteenth century.  He wrote in his introduction that it has ‘the disjointed yet seemingly logical shape of a dream.’  Characters ‘split, double, multiply, evaporate, condense, dissolve and merge.  But one consciousness rules them all: the dreamer’s.’  In this site-specific performance, we invite you to ask: who is the dreamer?  Is it Aggie? Is it you?
Responding to the urban space of the Northern Quarter and to the interior of the Nexus Café, Déjà Vu Ensemble’s version of A Dream Play is updated for a contemporary audience.  You will be invited to respond to events in an interactive way, as a participant, moving around the space as the story unfolds.
A Dream Play has been adapted by novelist and dramatist Rachel Connor, devised by the whole cast and is directed by RADA-educated actor and director, Nuala Cavanagh.
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African Music Night!

From June 4th to November 5th 2015, every first Thursday of the month,  professional musicians of African genres  in Manchester and its surroundings are playing live African music at Nexus art café from 8pm to 22pm;  entry is £5 per person and free for under 12.

From irresistible Rwandan Mbuti’s Intore rhythms and DR Congolese popular Rumba and Soukous or Seben to Cameroonian Afro Jazz and more,  collectively and voluntary artists from different backgrounds are sharing their passion for African music with the general public, showcasing their works to raise profile for employability and preserving this art for future generations.

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