Meet the Artists!

We are excited to present a ‘Meet the Artist’ Evening for the 3 joint exhibitions on at Nexus for the whole of September 2015 – There will be nibbles and soft drinks!

Our three wonderful exhibits are….

‘Welcome to Manchester (Make your own)’ by Christelle Vaillant (Photography)

20080906 - 16259

Manchester Visual Poem by Charlie Holt ( Mixed Media / Painting / Printmaking)


My life in 3 by 5 by Jade Hanley (Typographic illustrations)



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Christelle Photography Exhibition – Welcome to Manchester (Make your own)

Everybody’s experience of the city is different, whether you are local or just visiting.
Manchester is rich and has depth, it has a lot to offer. One however, has to earn it.
This exhibition offers some varied perspectives of Manchester through culture, architecture and time.
Photographic Exhibition by Christelle Vaillant
From 1st until 30th September 2015
Twitter: @Xtellev
20080906 - 16259