Thursday 17th November – SoundKarD

SoundKarD: voice Sarah Dacey, piano Kate Halsall, electronics Duncan MacLeod, w/ guests Anna Disley Simpson + co

Programme includes music by Catherine Lamb, Ryoko Akama, Duncan MacLeod, Sarah Dacey, Kate Halsall, Linda Buckley, Anna Disley-Simpson.

SoundKarD are soprano Sarah Dacey, pianist Kate Halsall and composer Duncan MacLeod. They have worked together in various guises, including voice and piano, voice and electronics, harpsichord and electronics and as part of Galvanize Ensemble projects Happenstance and Galvanize for Hack the Barbican. Some performances include The Barbican London, hcmf//, Frontiers Festival, 100 Years Gallery, LV21 Gillingham Pier, Music Orbit, LimeWharf Gallery and sound festival. They programme scored/improvised work, alongside existing/flexible repertoire, working with and commissioning composers.

Tonight! Margot’s Manchester

Come on down to Margots on Oct 18th for an amazing talk by Every Month MCR. EM provide period packs to women in Manchester living in poverty and all proceeds from the night go straight back to providing more women with the hygiene and dignity that is a right and not a privilege ❤️ get your tickets here:


Nexus Film Night: Friday 16 September at 7pm

Come and watch a free film and then stay and chat about the issues it raises! This month’s film is based on the true story of a young man’s determination, against all odds, and in the face of ridicule, snobbery and potential financial ruin, to take part in the Olympic Games. A hugely moving story of the triumph of an underdog. All welcome!