Nexus is naturally a great spiritual space.  Many people find it a calm, relaxed place in the city centre, ‘an oasis’.  Our spirituality is broadly Christian and we offer a number of gentle and inclusive spiritual activities including ‘Half way’, a half hour guided meditation class and spirituality film night where we watch a film and then discuss issues that are raised.

Our minister Al Lowe is also available on a regular basis to discuss spiritual or pastoral issues.  If you would like to speak to him please call the cafe or send an email to info@nexusartcafe.com.

Sanctus 1, a Christian community that tries to find God in a contemporary way also meet here on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm and Sunday Morning at 10:30am.  Sanctus 1 also use Nexus as a base for its chaplaincy work.  www.sanctus1.co.uk

Sanctus gaming evening

Welcome to Nexus Gaming Group – a collection of people who enjoy playing tabletop games and meet once a month to share that enthusiasm.

The group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month with a start at 7pm and finish at 10pm

more info – nexusgg.freeforums.net

Spirituality Questionnaire

Here at Nexus we care what you think about topical issues!   That’s why we give you the opportunity to voice your opinions, with our monthly spirituality questionnaire!  

Our current ‘Issue of the month’ is:   EDUCATION – WHAT’S THE PURPOSE OF IT? If you want to have your say, pop into the cafe and fill in a questionnaire.   

Here are your responses from previous questionnaires….. 


It’s often said that we live in a celebrity obsessed culture. Why do you think so many people are fascinated by the famous?

“They see a prime example of someone who has an exciting life that they want to have, or they do something amazing”.
“Because having so much attention is a way of being secure in one’s existence – people don’t forget dead celebrities!”
“Because they think the people with the most money have the best quality of life, and they want role models”.
“They live better lives; they are an aspiration; some are fit!”
“Because it’s easy entertainment; because it’s pushed by the media.”
“They fill in the space the Royals once filled, but with the chance that we can become famous and rich”.

Apart from wealth, what’s attractive about being famous?

“The attention famous people receive, also the feeling of doing something good with the power they have and the feeling of meaningfulness that they gain”.
“People believing that what you have to say is important.”
“Attention, freedom…seemingly unrestricted by work contracts”.
“Not having to deal with the consequences of our actions”
“Having loads of people wanting you”.
“Affirmation and lots of positive feedback”.
“Not just being a face in the crowd – but recognition and adulation, and the surface value sheen of glamour”.

Is fame something to aspire to? Why/why not?

“I think for some it is a good thing to want, but like anything, it can have a very negative impact on people’s lives”.
“No, because power corrupts”.
“It’s up to the individual”.
“No – too much pressure!”
“Affirmation on its own isn’t something to aspire to, but being famous for achieving something is worth respect”.
“No – but it is good to recognised and respected within your field/specialism”.

Which celebrity do you most admire and what is it you admire about them?

“Tyler Joseph – he helps people with his music and shows such maturity and awareness in what he does”.
“Beyonce because she supported the Black Lives Matter campaign”.
“Aziz Ibrahim because he works in prisons and looks after new talent”.
“Kate Green MP cos she’s freshhhh!”
“I admire Charlie Brooker – comedian and a good medium for reflecting on important issues”.
“Patrick Wolf (semi famous) – made me see more than straight and gay – set me on the road….”


How would you describe your sense of national identity?

“British. Not European!”
“British first!”
“I wouldn’t. I’m not particularly patriotic in all honesty”.
“Northern, English, then British. I tick the ‘White British’ box. Truly don’t identify with “European””.
“I am represented as a white British teen who speaks English”.

How would you describe how deeply connected you feel to our European neighbours?

“Not at all”.
“Being a resident in Manchester opens your eyes to multi culturalism and makes you feel more European!”
“Quite separate really – due to geography”.
“I love my European neighbours but the best vote for me would be voting out”.

Is there a “Soul of Europe”? What should Europe be about – economics, or something deeper?

“No. There’s no ‘Soul of Europe’. This is an ontological fallacy”.
“Money – that’s the soul of Europe”.
“Being united is the soul of Europe”.
“The EU should be about freedom, the environment, and passing laws and regulations that benefit people in our society”.
“I feel like Europe is Europe and we are the UK. Soul of Europe – France?”
“I think Europe should be something deeper like a piece of music or a song to represent us as one”.

What is it that connects us to other human beings of different nationalities, race, culture, etc?

“We’re human, we share a history”.
“Altruism, mutual interest, and loneliness”.
“The Universe; we are one, we are whole”.
“Money, trade and business, and we bleed the same blood”.
“Music, laughter, sports, generosity, curiosity”.
“Love, curiosity, common interests”.
“Their personalities mainly, but I would have to get to know them before judgment”.
“We have the ability to kill each other”
“We’re all different countries, traditions, faiths, it’s nonsense to bunch us together”.

ISSUE OF THE MONTH: THE QUEEN IS IS 90! How do you feel about our Royal Family?

What do you think of the Queen? Inspirational? Irrelevant? Symbol of an outdated system?

“I love the tradition surrounding the queen. She brings the UK a lot of money due to tourism. A lot of people forget that”.
“She’s irrelevant. Does nothing. She’s just a face”.
“She’s had a nice life”
“The Queen is an irrelevant symbol for the majority of people in Britain. She represents one small portion of the population (the wealthy) in a system dominated by inequality”.
“It’s all about anarchy”.

The Queen believes God put her in the job. How do you feel about one person “reigning over us”?

“I don’t see it like that. Ultimately the Queen has less power over the UK than the Prime Minister”.
“It’s stupid. All she does is reign on our parade”.
“She doesn’t have much of a choice.”
“She got that role because of the death of her father. “God” doesn’t choose anything. I think if we want equal social rights, monarchy shouldn’t exist”.
“It’s a fascist regime”

How do you feel about the class system – does it still exist? Do we all have our ordained place in society?

“The class system still does and most probably always will exist. There will always be people who earn more money feeling more entitled”.
“It exists, but doesn’t have to. Turn Buckingham Palace into Council flats!”
“Of course it exists. That’s the difference between everybody – to belong to one or another part of a social class”.
“It sucks”

How do you feel about our national anthem suggesting we ask “God save the Queen”. What about the rest of us?

“It’s a bit of a mouthful – God save our queen AND us! It came about early on when the queen/king was seen as a saviour of the people”.
“It’s awful!”
“Maybe it’s the God of the Old Testament, or maybe it’s actually Satan!”
“It’s something that people learned and kept in their memory. Usually nobody realises how unfair and outmoded this affirmation is”.
“I know my place. God bless you, your Majesty. Long may you reign over me!”


How do you see the connection between body, mind and soul?

“They’re all one and connected and each needs the other in perfect harmony and unison…”
“There’s no connection – it’s just imagined!”
“Mental state can definitely affect the body… unsure about the ‘soul’ bit…..”
“I believe the mind can have an effect on the body and visa versa…. I don’t really believe in ‘soul'”
“Not too sure as mine is very messed up and out of balance!”
“Body and mind are both linked for sure….but I don’t believe we have a soul – there’s no such thing”

Is illness and disease just random, or could dis-ease and disharmony in your life make you ill?

“Yes, of course!”
“Yes, when we are at ease we are calm, well and happy, if we are at dis-ease we would be unhappy and not well”
“Stress makes anyone more vulnerable to anything….so living a happy life can definitely help”
“I think disharmony can lead to things that make you susceptible to illness”
“Yes, upset can make you physically ill”
“Yes, it can make you ill, but random illness naturally occurs too, like cancer.  There are sad healthy people and happy people who are dying”.

Antibiotics or acupuncture….how do you approach getting better?

“I always believe in trying nature’s herbal remedies first and acupuncture clears the meridian blocks”
“My approach would be scientific”.
“Whatever the doctor prescribes, plus an illness-beating diet and some aggressive self-care!”
“I try and do so naturally”.
“I go for antibiotics”
“A bit of both….horses for courses.  Sometimes holistic works best, other times the pharmaceutical approach”
“I’ve never had acupuncture but we need to use less antibiotics”
“I use antibiotics – never tried alternative medicines”.

What do you think about prayer or faith healing to help people get better?

“I believe in the power of prayer and faith moves mountains.  It’s worked for me”.
“If it works, it’s fine, but it’s not for me.  Correlation does not imply causation”.
“No.  Prayer can offer moral/social support though – that can help”.
“It’s meaningless to me”.
“I do believe in this as I am a Muslim”.
“I see no harm in it but wouldn’t take part myself”.
“Who knows?  It may work wonders!”
“There’s no such thing!  People may feel psychologically better but it’s all in the mind – there’s no evidence of it, is there?”


How do you feel about our relationship with Planet Earth?:

“Planet Earth is not ours – we’re just visitors – if we treat it badly we’ll pay ultimately”
“It’s totally out of balance….The earth is crying out but most people do not hear her cries”
“It’s distorted by modern living, consumerism and capitalism”
“abused and ruined for future generations”
“I’m terrified by the disrespect we show to Mother Earth….her natural beauty overawes me”
“We’ve lost sight of the bigger picture….we need to work in harmony with Planet Earth”

Is climate change a spiritual issue?

“No, not at all”
“Spirituality increases our awareness of our fundamental dependency on the planet”
“Yes, we need to become enlightened to our relationship to this planet and establish a harmony”
“Not for me…but I understand that many feel a profound connection to the planet”
“I believe in Gaia and have felt the energetic vibrations of the universe that connects us all – we are all one”
“Yes undoubtedly – whatever you connect through – religion or atheism”

How does your spirituality influence how ‘green’ you live?

“Every action causes another…I appreciate my waste has a knock on effect, as does every purchase”.
“Making conscious decisions about ethically sourced local food….being spiritual I make greener choices”
“I live as well as it is in my means to do so…and would whether or not I was spiritually inclined”.
“My spirituality developed as a consequence of mindful green living”
“I try to live in harmony with the world”
“Since coming back from Zimbabwe where most of our harmful ways effect the people….I have started having a major appreciation for everything”
“We live on borrowed time….I try to do good for the world – it’s a drop in the ocean”
“Save the bees!”