Nexus is naturally a great spiritual space.  Many people find it a calm, relaxed place in the city centre, ‘an oasis’.  Our spirituality is broadly Christian and we offer a number of gentle and inclusive spiritual activities including ‘Half way’, a half hour guided meditation class and spirituality film night where we watch a film and then discuss issues that are raised.

Our minister Al Lowe is also available on a regular basis to discuss spiritual or pastoral issues.  If you would like to speak to him please call the cafe or send an email to info@nexusartcafe.com.

Sanctus 1, a Christian community that tries to find God in a contemporary way also meet here on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm and Sunday Morning at 10:30am.  Sanctus 1 also use Nexus as a base for its chaplaincy work.  www.sanctus1.co.uk

Spirituality Questionnaire

Here at Nexus we care what you think about topical issues!   That’s why we give you the opportunity to voice your opinions, with our monthly spirituality questionnaire!  

Our current ‘Issue of the month’ is:   THE QUEEN IS 90….how do you feel about the Royal Family?   If you want to have your say, pop into the cafe and fill in a questionnaire.   

Here are your responses from previous questionnaires….. 


How do you see the connection between body, mind and soul?

“They’re all one and connected and each needs the other in perfect harmony and unison…”
“There’s no connection – it’s just imagined!”
“Mental state can definitely affect the body… unsure about the ‘soul’ bit…..”
“I believe the mind can have an effect on the body and visa versa…. I don’t really believe in ‘soul'”
“Not too sure as mine is very messed up and out of balance!”
“Body and mind are both linked for sure….but I don’t believe we have a soul – there’s no such thing”

Is illness and disease just random, or could dis-ease and disharmony in your life make you ill?

“Yes, of course!”
“Yes, when we are at ease we are calm, well and happy, if we are at dis-ease we would be unhappy and not well”
“Stress makes anyone more vulnerable to anything….so living a happy life can definitely help”
“I think disharmony can lead to things that make you susceptible to illness”
“Yes, upset can make you physically ill”
“Yes, it can make you ill, but random illness naturally occurs too, like cancer.  There are sad healthy people and happy people who are dying”.

Antibiotics or acupuncture….how do you approach getting better?

“I always believe in trying nature’s herbal remedies first and acupuncture clears the meridian blocks”
“My approach would be scientific”.
“Whatever the doctor prescribes, plus an illness-beating diet and some aggressive self-care!”
“I try and do so naturally”.
“I go for antibiotics”
“A bit of both….horses for courses.  Sometimes holistic works best, other times the pharmaceutical approach”
“I’ve never had acupuncture but we need to use less antibiotics”
“I use antibiotics – never tried alternative medicines”.

What do you think about prayer or faith healing to help people get better?

“I believe in the power of prayer and faith moves mountains.  It’s worked for me”.
“If it works, it’s fine, but it’s not for me.  Correlation does not imply causation”.
“No.  Prayer can offer moral/social support though – that can help”.
“It’s meaningless to me”.
“I do believe in this as I am a Muslim”.
“I see no harm in it but wouldn’t take part myself”.
“Who knows?  It may work wonders!”
“There’s no such thing!  People may feel psychologically better but it’s all in the mind – there’s no evidence of it, is there?”


How do you feel about our relationship with Planet Earth?:

“Planet Earth is not ours – we’re just visitors – if we treat it badly we’ll pay ultimately”
“It’s totally out of balance….The earth is crying out but most people do not hear her cries”
“It’s distorted by modern living, consumerism and capitalism”
“abused and ruined for future generations”
“I’m terrified by the disrespect we show to Mother Earth….her natural beauty overawes me”
“We’ve lost sight of the bigger picture….we need to work in harmony with Planet Earth”

Is climate change a spiritual issue?

“No, not at all”
“Spirituality increases our awareness of our fundamental dependency on the planet”
“Yes, we need to become enlightened to our relationship to this planet and establish a harmony”
“Not for me…but I understand that many feel a profound connection to the planet”
“I believe in Gaia and have felt the energetic vibrations of the universe that connects us all – we are all one”
“Yes undoubtedly – whatever you connect through – religion or atheism”

How does your spirituality influence how ‘green’ you live?

“Every action causes another…I appreciate my waste has a knock on effect, as does every purchase”.
“Making conscious decisions about ethically sourced local food….being spiritual I make greener choices”
“I live as well as it is in my means to do so…and would whether or not I was spiritually inclined”.
“My spirituality developed as a consequence of mindful green living”
“I try to live in harmony with the world”
“Since coming back from Zimbabwe where most of our harmful ways effect the people….I have started having a major appreciation for everything”
“We live on borrowed time….I try to do good for the world – it’s a drop in the ocean”
“Save the bees!”